Public Works / Waste / Recycling

Superintendent: Adam Reinhardt

Public Works

This is the labor force behind all your city services from street maintenance, cleaning, snow removal, solid waste and recycling operations.

When the crews are not on the garbage and recycling routes they are the same employees picking up yard waste, pushing snow and assisting the utility departments with large projects.

Solid Waste

Solid waste is one of the most visible functions provided by the city. This department not only handles household and commercial wastes, but also provides and services a recycling drop off point, yard waste pickup during the summer months, and on-site leaf pickup is provided every fall. Along with normal monthly service, the department also provides a special dumpster service which allows homeowners to rent larger drop off containers for your needs. Appliance disposal is available for a small fee. All of these services are a part of your of your Solid Waste Fee.


On August 1, 2018 the City of West Liberty rolled out its curbside single stream recycling program. The project was started in 2016 after receiving a Solid Waste Alternative Grant from the State of Iowa to build a recycling transfer station at the previous site of the community drop off at 1136 N Walnut St. In 2017 the purchase of an automated garbage and recycling truck requiring only 1 employee to operate was added to the fleet. This replaced the very antiquated rear load trucks which often required 3 employees to operate efficiently. The spring of 2018 construction began on the recycling building with a small fee of $3.50 to help offset the cost of moving to the curbside pickup, containers and future maintenance.

Ultimately through grant monitoring the goal is to reduce the expense of hauling garbage to the landfill and provide for a cleaner and safer environment.