Streets/Public Works Department

Superintendent: Adam Reinhardt

Public Works

This is the labor force behind all your city services from street maintenance, cleaning, snow removal, solid waste, and recycling operations.

When the crews are not on the garbage and recycling routes they are the same employees picking up yard waste, pushing snow, and assisting the utility departments with large projects.

Questions and Answers

Q: When is open burning?
A: Please refer to the city calendar posted below.
Q: How do I get rid of big piles of brush from my yard?
A: Please cut brush and sticks down to 4-foot lengths and bundle them together so the city can pick bundles on normal yard waste days, which are the first and third Wednesday of the month, or you can call Muscatine Transfer Station and see if they are open and accepting material. Their phone is 563-263-9689.
Q: Is there a certain tree that I can or can’t plant in the city of right-of-way and who do I need to talk to about doing it?
A: Please refer to the “List of Approved Trees for West Liberty” and the “Tree Planting Permit” posted below.
Q: Does the city pick up appliances or TVs?
A: Yes, but there is a fee. Please call city hall to learn more about pricing and to schedule a time.
Q: Is there somewhere to get mulch?
A: Yes there is, the city has a pile of mulch located at 1136 N Elm St and it is free of charge! First come first serve!
Q: Who cuts my trim limbs?
A: Limbs from Right-of-Way trees overhanging streets and the responsibility of the City. Limbs from Right-of-Way trees overhanging private property are the responsibility of the property owner. The same is true about trees on private property.
Q: What should I do about Ash Trees?
A: Due to the Emerald Ash Borer, the City has taken the initiative to cut down all Ash Trees on city properties and right-of-ways. The City encourages community members to cut down Ash Trees on their own private property before the tree dies, which may cause it to fall over and harm others or cause property damage. Learn more from the attachment below entitled “Ash Tree Information.”


Public Works
Adam Reinhardt, Superintendent
Location: 106 W. Second. St.
Phone: (319) 627-2418