Electric Department

Superintendent: Ed Tvrs

Since the early 1900s, West Liberty has had the ability to generate its own electricity. With a full-time staff of 3, Electric Department is unique with its ability to generate enough electricity on its own to sustain the cities electrical demands in times of emergency.

There are 136 municipal electric utilities in the State of Iowa and 64 have the ability to generate power. West Liberty is one of four who own two gas turbines and one diesel turbine. Generation capacity is 11.2 megawatts, provided by the three generators.

West Liberty is currently a member of the Resale Power Group of Iowa. Not only can we generate our own electricity, we also supplement the power grid when the demand for electricity gets too high. Under the current agreement through RPGI, the City purchases power for resale from Nextera Energy.

Electric Department
Ed Tvrs, Superintendent
Location: 105 W. 2nd St
Phone: (319) 627-4314