Wastewater Treatment Plant

Superintendent: Craig Juergens

The Waste Water Treatment Plant treats all incoming waste water from West Liberty and West Liberty Foods, it is operated by the City of West Liberty.

The plant uses biological treatment that removes impurities before sending the newly cleaned water to a receiving stream. During the week the plant will process around 1.3 million gallons a day, while on the weekend it averages around 400-500 thousand gallons a day.

Greater Detail

Wastewater that enters the plant first goes through a screening process. After screening, the grit is allowed to settle out (grit is compromised of sand and rocks). The wastewater then goes  through a biological process (organisms) to take out impurities. The water is then sent to the final clarifiers, where it sits. Over time the solids settle at the bottom of the tanks. These settled solids are returned to the biological process, some of them are wasted to reduce the volume of the sludge. Finally, the clean water flows over a series of weirs and is discharged to the receiving stream (Wapsinonoc Creek) to complete the process.

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Craig Juergens, Superintendent
Location: 615 E. A St.
Phone: (319) 627-2418
Email: cjuergens@CityOfWestLibertyIA.org