Golf Carts allowed within city limits

August 19, 2021

Aug. 20, 2021– The City of West Liberty allows the use of ATV, UTV and golf carts on roads within city limits; however, owners need a permit.

Permitted golf carts, ATVs, and/or UTVs may be operated on all city streets between sunrise and sunset by any person possessing a valid driver’s license and proof of security against liability.

To get a permit, fill out the first page of the Golf Cart/UTV/ATV application. The form can be found at City Hall (temporarily located at 119 E 3rd St.) or online at There is a fee of $30.

Next, schedule a date and time for an inspection by the West Liberty Police Department at the same location. A member of the police will assess the ATV, UTV, or golf cart for safety and complete the second page of the application.

Afterward, bring the completed application and $30 fee to city hall, where you will be assigned a permit number and identification sticker. Please place the sticker above the driver’s side rear wheel on the golf cart, or near that area on an ATV or UTV.

Drivers and passengers must remain seated and are REQUIRED to obey all traffic laws, including yielding to right-of-way and pedestrian traffic. ATVs, UTVs, or golf carts may not be driven or parked on sidewalks or private property without permission. Permits must also be kept with the vehicle at all times.

Any violations of the city code or state law may result in the city revoking your permit.

This permit is only applicable within the city limits of West Liberty. Using a golf cart outside of West Liberty is currently illegal under state code. For instance, Prairie Street, west of the bridge leading into town, is not within city limits.

NOTE: Unregistered ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts cannot be driven to the inspection site. They must be hauled by a truck, trailer, or other means. If you do not have access to a transport vehicle or cannot operate one, special accommodations can be made with the police.

To learn more about golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, and off-road utility vehicles please read Title 8, Chapter 12 of the city code, available at

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