The Deal with Storm Water

July 27, 2022

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is excessive water created by rainfall and snowmelt that runs off surfaces like roads, buildings, sidewalks and buildings during and after a storm. The water goes through inlets, pipes and channels leading directly to our local streams. Stormwater does not go to the wastewater treatment plant.

Why is it Important?

Proper drainage also prevents water from building up. Stormwater sweeps away debris, soil, and chemicals on land surfaces as it flows to stormwater inlets and carries these pollutants into streams and lakes. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working in a variety of ways to improve stormwater quality, an ongoing process that will affect Iowa law in years to come.

Why is Stormwater talked about now?

As land becomes more densely developed, rainfall leaves the site in different ways. More and more cities across the nation must find ways to deal with excessive runoff as they grow. So too must West Liberty if it hopes to grow as a city.

Why do we have Stormwater fees?

By creating a dedicated stormwater fee on residential utility bills, the City is assuring a sustainable fund for upkeep of storm water inlets without depleting the City’s general fund. This also allows other public needs to be better met. Stormwater fees are common among Iowa cities, as well as across the rest of the United States.

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