Snow Removal

Shoveling Snow

It is up to property owners to keep sidewalks on their property clear of snow and ice within 24 hours after snowfall or an accumulation weather event. This includes owners of buildings in the downtown district.

If the property owner neglects to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours, the city may decide to do it at the cost to the owner. The cost will be reviewed by the City Council and assessed against the owner’s property taxes.

Snow Emergency Protocols

The City declares Snow Emergencies in order to expedite motor vehicle traffic and restrict parking on city streets for snow plowing and removal.

Once a Snow Emergency is declared by the City Manager, vehicle parking is prohibited on all of the specified snow emergency routes listed below, as well as additional routes if needed. This is done so the City can clear emergency routes, along with the rest of West Liberty. Any vehicles parked in snow emergency routes may be subject to towing.

Emergency Routes Include:

  1. Third Street from Columbus Street to Prairie Street.
  2. Spencer Street from 4th Street to Chesebro Road.
  3. Calhoun Street from the railroad tracks to U.S. Highway 6.
  4. Elm Street from 4th Street to Highway 6.
  5. 7th Street from Columbus Street to Elm Street.
  6. 4th Street from Columbus Street to Elm Street.
  7. Maxson Street from Elm Street to the eastern corporate limits.
  8. Miller Street from Highway 6 (3rd Street) to Maxson Street.

Once declared, a Snow Emergency shall remain in effect until the City Manager terminates it, or 10 hours have passed without any word from the City Manager. The City Manager may need to extend Snow Emergencies depending on the weather.

Any secondary streets that have been deemed part of a snow emergency will be marked by the city with signs. The signs will state the time of the Snow Emergency, once they are removed the snow emergency is over.