Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

On Dec. 1, 2021, City Staff, City Department Heads, the City Council, and incoming City Council members met at the West Liberty Community Center to set goals for the City of West Liberty for 2022.

All groups proposed ideas and put forward suggestions. Ultimately, these suggestions were ranked by importance by the following: council members Jose Zacarias, Diane Beranek, and Cara McFerren with incoming Mayor Katy McCullough, and incoming council members Omar Martinez and Dana Dominguez.

Full Report: Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Report 2021-2022

Stand Out Results

City Council’s list of “GIVENS”

1. Continue with the viability of a third well.
2. Phase II -Addition onto City Hall for more office, police department and staff space – Move the American Legion Building.
3. Rainbow Drive Reconstruction Project
4. West side tower loop project.
5. Generator capabilities for the sanitary sewer lift stations.
6. Maxson A venue Improvements – streets and utilities.
7. Sewer lining and manhole restoration – Annual program.
8. Sidewalk programs and handicapped ramps at intersections – Annual program.
9. Equipment and vehicle upgrades and purchases for the entire organization.
10. New vehicles – Police Department – $200,000.
11. Updated equipment – Police Department – $60,000.
12. Equipment to make pod casts – $1 ,500.

Initiatives and Programs

1. Personnel & Labor Force – Overall Review
2. Annexation – Further Land Growth of City and Annexation of Rural Housing Editions
3. Personnel Policy Updates and Staff Training
4. Communication Enhancements

Second Priority Programs and Policies

1. Continue the overall efforts addressing housing needs
2. Utility rate reviews with ongoing schedule to meet cost of goods and services
3. City Code and Policy Updates
4. Work with developers to increase more housing options and opportunities – senior housing and single family housing.

Top Priority Capital Projects and Equipment Purchases

1. Addition of more electric generation and Addition of instant start on generator for station power.
2. Getting natural gas line into the Electric Power Plant
3. New Swimming Pool/Recreation Center

Second Priority Capital Projects and Equipment Purchases

1. 4th Street and Miller intersection reconstruction project
2. Creation of a dog park
3. 6th Street improvements – streets and utilities