Please Remove Snow from Sidewalks

January 7, 2022

The City of West Liberty requests citizens to remove snow from their sidewalks if they have not already removed it.

The City allowed additional time due to extreme cold, but now with warmer weather all sidewalks need to be cleared by Monday (Jan. 10, 2022) or city crews may be asked to remove snow at cost to the property owner, as per city code 7-4-3:


It shall be the duty of the owner to keep sidewalks abutting the owner’s property clear of the natural accumulations of snow or ice. If the owner fails to do so within twenty four (24) hours after deposit of accumulation, the Mayor may have the natural accumulations of snow or ice removed without notice to the property owner. The Mayor shall give the Council an itemized and verified statement of the removal costs and a legal description of the property at the next regular Council meeting. The costs shall be reviewed by the Council, and if found correct, shall be assessed against the property as taxes. The City Clerk shall be directed to certify the costs to the County Auditor for collection as provided in section 364.12 of the Iowa Code. (1998 Code)