Leak Detection

July 29, 2022

High Water Bill?

You may have a leak

-A dripping faucet can waste 20 gallons a day. These leaks waste your water and your money.

-Test the toilet by dropping dye tablets into the tank. DO NOT FLUSH. Leave 15-20 minutes. If color appears in the bowl then you have a leak and repairs must be made.

-Water dripping or running from the showerhead when the shower is turned firmly off is usually caused by bad washers or seats which need replacing.

-Check the tub faucet when the shower is on. If water is still flowing out you may have another leak.

-A running hose can be a huge problem for a household. Make sure to check the outdoor faucet and connecting hose often, as hundreds of gallons can be lost over a course of weeks without the homeowner realizing it.

-A leading causes of leaks is corrosion. Pipes are susceptible to rust as they age. Consider changing your older plumbing system for newer models once you see signs of wear and tear. Pipe joints deteriorate easily as the weakest point.

Leak Info Pamphlet