August Bill Payment Extension

August 5, 2022

The City of West Liberty and City Leadership recognize August 2022 billing has resulted in the financial concern of paying the monthly utility bill and avoid utility disconnection.

The impact on West Liberty Utility Customers has been significant due to weather and other environmental rising costs over the past months. The weather has significantly caused utility customers to consume electricity and water more than usual.

In response, the City of West Liberty will grant an additional extension for the August 2022 billing to allow customers additional time to pay the entire bill and/or establish a contract with the City to avoid disconnection. This extension will not count as the permitted one-time extension, but as stated an additional option for the month of August.

Please follow the steps provided if you wish to utilize the additional extension for your August 2022 Utility Bill:

  1. Contact City Hall requesting an extension for your utility bill. Please be prepared to provide the utility account, address, name, and telephone number.
    -Contact by phone during business hours: 319-627-2418
    -Contact by email:
  2. Arrange to sign the extension in person at City Hall during business hours: Monday -Friday 8:00am until 5:00pm (Closed 11:00am-Noon)

The extension will allow the utility customer until September 8, 2022, to pay the bill in full.

Contract Option:

A residential customer may avoid disconnection by paying his or her bill in full or by providing confirmation of financial difficulty and entering a formal payment arrangement. Payment arrangements(contracts) should be initiated no less than five business days before the disconnect date. In general, failure to comply with a payment arrangement will subject the customer to immediate disconnection.

The City recommends paying your average utility bill for the month of August, and then establish a contract on the remaining amount for an affordable monthly contract payment. The contract payment is due in addition to your future monthly utility billing. Customers may apply additional payments or pay off the contract prior to the end of the contract.

Disconnection will be effective upon failure to pay your utility bill and contract payment upon the due date. If you are unable to make future payments, then please contact the Utility Billing Staff to discuss arrangements to avoid disconnection.

Thank You
City of West Liberty

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