Latino Heritage Month Proclamation

September 22, 2022

WHEREAS, The City of West Liberty recognizes and honors contributions of all members of our community; and

WHEREAS, Latino Heritage Month is celebrated nationally from September 15- October 15 as an opportunity to celebrate and uplift the culture, traditions, and people living in the United States whose ancestry can be traced to the Caribbean Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, and Latin America: and

WHEREAS, in recognition that Latinos descended from indigenous people whose advanced civilizations developed and thrived thousands of years before, European colonization and African slavery in Latin America over five centuries: and

WHEREAS, Latinos continue to enrich Iowa communities since the late 1800’s with the cultural, educational, and political influences of their culture in the Midwest that can be seen and appreciated in all aspects of our life, from incredible and gifted artists, essential workers, students, professionals, vibrant businesses, music and communities: and

WHEREAS, the City of West Liberty invites all members of the community to celebrate 2022 Latino Heritage Month.

NOW. THEREFORE. I. Katherine McCullough. Mayor of West Liberty, do hereby proclaim September 15th 2022 through October 15th 2022 to be Latino Heritage Month in the City of West Liberty, IA.

Original: Mayoral Proclamation of Latino Heritage Month