The Rundown (July 25, 2022)

July 25, 2022

A quick recap about what’s happening in your City

-Officer Derek Holmes has been sworn in as the latest officer of the West Liberty Police Department. The department now has six members, including Chief Eric Werling, Sergeant Jack Bierman and Corporal Nick Blocker.

-During the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, the council passed a budget amendment that will do the following:
1) Increase garbage rates (Now 33-gallon, $18.82; 65-gallon, $21.68; 96-gallon, $25.57)
2) Fund a mini-pitch (half-sized soccer field) and other upgrades to Wapsi Park
3) Replace a broken mower for the Parks and Recreation Department
4) Purchase new cameras and tasers for the Police Department

-The City has accepted a $100,000 Community Catalyst Building Remediation Grant for 115 E. Third St, which will be used for development of new apartments and offices. The City also awarded an Economic Development Match Grant to 314 N. Calhoun St. (Nicole Rock’s School of Dance) for façade development.

-The City Council is considering candidates to fill Diane Beranek’s vacated seat. They will hold a special meeting to discuss the topic. Applicants include Mike Price, Vanessa Espinoza and Ashley Smith.

-The City Council updated job descriptions for Paramedic, AEMT and EMT positions.

-The City is ironing out wrinkles in the new Storm Water Utility that will come into effect this year.

-Due to a recent change in Iowa State Code, the City and police department will be redoing how they handle ATV/UTV fees versus Golf Cart fees. Currently, the City is not collecting fees for registering ATVs and UTVs, as per Iowa Code.

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