The Rundown (Aug. 8, 2022)

August 8, 2022

-The City Council appointed Ashley Smith during a special session on Aug. 5, to fill Diane Beranek’s vacated council seat. Smith will begin serving out the rest of the term immediately. During this same meeting Council Member Jose Zacarias announced his resignation from City Council.

-A Task Force consisting of two city council members, two rural trustees and two members of the West Liberty Fire and EMS Department has been productive according to Council Member Dana Dominguez. They are currently discussing a 28E Agency and developing a timeline.

-The City has contracted with L.L Pelling to chip seal several streets in town. This maintenance will extend the life of the streets. Streets included Calhoun St., Seventh St., Walnut St., and E. Sixth St. Excess chips will be removed in October.

-City crews have torn out and replaced the middle school entrance approach by the gym and parking lot.

-Construction of a new mini-pitch (half soccer field) as well as basketball and volleyball courts is underway in Wapsie Park. The project should be concluded by Fall.

-A Storm Water Fee was added to monthly utility bills to fund the upkeep of storm water inlets without depleting the City’s general fund.

-The City is working with SGA on the redevelopment of the property on the southwest corner of Maxson and Columbus St. (the old tire shop). It will be turned into a commercial space with five apartments.

-A $200,000 state grant was awarded to the city and approved by the council for a Brooke property development located at 317 N. Spencer St. This will allow for commercial space and two apartments.