City takes over Youth Sports

August 4, 2021

The City Parks & Recreation Dept. has taken over management of the WL Youth Sports Program

 Aug. 4, 2021– As of August the West Liberty Youth Sports Program is now run by the City of West Liberty’s Parks & Recreation Department, under Director Nick Heath.
“Youth Sports is a great opportunity for children to learn new sports, team building and just having fun,” says Director Heath. “We are excited to take this on and expand our recreation department. We are working with current board members to make the smoothest transition as we can.”
The Youth Sports Program organizes teams and tournaments for youth from 4 to 12 years of age, or preschool to sixth grade. Youth Sports is a feeder program for the West Liberty School District.
Sports include T-ball, basketball, volleyball, flag football, tackle football, baseball, softball, track and soccer throughout the year. Fall registration has begun for T-Ball, basketball and football.
According to the organization’s former leaders, Dustin Noble and Shauna Laughlin, financial support has never been an issue. A majority of the funding has come from the annual Fair Fun Run that takes place at the fairgrounds.
However, after a difficult year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and career responsibilities leadership has asked the city to take over Youth Sports, something which is not uncommon in surrounding towns.
West Liberty Youth Sports was started by Tim Leggins in the late 1990s and has remained a staple for organized sports in the community. Teams are run by volunteer coaches.
Be on the lookout for registration forms for T-ball, flag football, tackle football and volleyball in the coming weeks. Registration forms can be picked up at city hall’s temporary location at 119 E 3rd St, or visit We will be offering online registration in the near future.
If you have any questions about Youth Sports. Please send email to with your questions.

Youth Sports currently offers:
Spring/Summer: baseball, softball, soccer, track
Fall: T-ball, volleyball, flag and tackle football
Late Fall/Winter: basketball