Chickens not allowed in City Limits

July 22, 2022

While we would like to congratulations all the kids who caught a furry friend at the fair, chicken are not allowed to live within city limits. They need to find a home in a rural community.

One reason is for health reasons to humans and to other fowl, such as Turkeys. Another reason is the nuisance they can cause for neighbors within the community.

It shall be unlawful to keep, maintain or allow to remain upon any one lot, tract or piece of ground within the City, any sheep, goats, hogs, cows, horses, or fowl family; excluding parrots, parakeets, canaries or any similar small birds kept as pets and capable of being domestically caged, except where such animals are kept in the conduct of a commercial enterprise or business at locations where such business is permitted. (1998 Code)