Snow Emergency Information

It is important with winter upon us to remind the residents and business owners of West Liberty of the Snow Ordinances. Snow removal on city streets and right of ways is a time consuming process, while the same crews serve the city as your public works, garbage collection, water, sewer and electric workers. Please review the following ordinances that will be enforced for the accumulation snow and ice.

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It shall be the duty of the owner to keep sidewalks abutting the owner's property clear of the natural accumulations of snow or ice. If the owner fails to do so within twenty four (24) hours after deposit of accumulation, the Mayor may have the natural accumulations of snow or ice removed without notice to the property owner. The Mayor shall give the Council an itemized and verified statement of the removal costs and a legal description of the property at the next regular Council meeting. The costs shall be reviewed by the Council, and if found correct, shall be assessed against the property as taxes. The City Clerk shall be directed to certify the costs to the County Auditor for collection as provided in section 364.12 of the Iowa Code.

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To facilitate snow removal, no motor vehicle shall be permitted to park in the business district and for a distance of three hundred feet (300') from a public school ground, between the hours of twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight and six o'clock (06:00) A.M. The City shall have authority to remove any vehicle violating this regulation and to charge the cost of removal to the owner of the vehicle. Violators of this Section shall be subject to a fine of twenty five dollars ($25.00) per violation. (1975 Code § 8-7-9; amd. Ord. 3-92, 12-15-1992; Ord. 5-95, 5-2-1995)

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The snow emergency routes consist of the following streets or parts thereof:

A. Third Street from Columbus Street to Prairie Street.

B. Spencer Street from 4th Street to Chesebro Road.

C. Calhoun Street from the railroad tracks to U.S. Highway 6.

D. Elm Street from 4th Street to Highway 6.

E. 7th Street from Columbus Street to Elm Street.

F. 4th Street from Columbus Street to Elm Street.

G. Maxson Street from Elm Street to the eastern corporate limits.

H. Miller Street from Highway 6 (3rd Street) to Maxson Street. (Ord. 1-01, 7-3-2001)

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The city manager shall cause each declaration of a snow emergency made by him under this chapter to be publicly announced through radio stations serving the city. The snow emergency shall go into effect not less than ten (10) hours after the announcements have commenced as provided in this section. The city manager shall keep a record of the time and date when a snow emergency is first announced to the public. (Ord. 1-01, 7-3-2001)

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To keep the streets consistent and as clear as possible for emergency responders, motoring and pedestrian public it is important to be familiarized with the ordinances. Please do your part for public safety in keeping the streets & sidewalks clear by following the ordinances. This also helps our crews be more efficient and get back to the other services provided.

These are the most significant ordinances regarding snow & ice removal however a comprehensive list of the City’s ordinances can be found on the city website

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