Board of Adjustments

The purpose of the Board of Adjustments is to provide a method for a person to request a variance from the required Zoning or related Ordinance, or to appeal a decision of Planning and Zoning Commission. Some of the most commonly requested Zoning Variances are:

  • Garage/carport enclosures creating insufficient required front yard setback for legal off-street parking.
  • Placement of mechanical equipment (air conditioning, swimming pool equipment) in the side yard area creating insufficient required side yard setback.
  • Accessory structures exceeding the maximum allowance in height in the required rear yard area.
  • Fences in the front yard area having insufficient required front yard setbacks.
  • Carports in both the front yard and side yard areas having insufficient required front yard setbacks, insufficient side yard setbacks, and insufficient required sky clearance.
  • Applications for a variance should be based on some type of hardship. Economic reasons do not constitute a hardship.
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